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Schedule At-Home Blood Draw Appointments.

Schedule your blood work when and where it’s convenient for you.

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XpediLab. makes it easy to complete your lab work. Book online or through our app to schedule an appointment at home, work or wherever you prefer. A mobile phlebotomist will complete your blood draw and deliver the sample to the lab of your choice.

 With XpediLab. managing your healthcare is now easier than ever before. Download the app, schedule your appointment, and get accurate results delivered right to your fingertips!

How Blood Draws Work with Xpedilab.

    1. Download the Xpedilab. App

      Visit either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the user-friendly Xpedilab. App.

    2. Choose your service, appointment time, and location

      Take the hassle out of getting your blood work by choosing the service you need, selecting a convenient appointment time, and deciding where you want your labs to be drawn.

    3. Complete your blood draw

      Save time and effort – our team will come to you to collect the required samples at your chosen location.

    4. Get your blood work results!

      Access your lab results with ease through
      your doctor’s office or our secure diagnostic lab portal.


Mobile Lab Work Services

Mobile Lab Work

With Xpedilab, we come to you, collect your samples, and deliver them to your designated diagnostic laboratory (Quest or LabCorp) for just $79.

Blood Draw and Urine Collection

For patients that require specialty lab testing, Xpedilab provides sample collection for most cancer and genetic screenings starting at $99.

Cancer and Genetic Specialty Tests


How XpediLab. Makes Lab Work Easy

How XpediLab. Makes Lab Work Easy


We only partner with highly-experienced mobile phlebotomy technicians, ensuring a high-quality experience for you.


Your medical information is safe with us. No results based medical data is collected, and your lab results are delivered to you via the diagnostic laboratory that tested your samples.


No need to take time off, or visit an unknown lab. With just a few clicks a technician will come to your desired location.



See what our customers say about Xpedilab and their experience with mobile blood work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Xpedilab do?

Xpedilab enables patients to schedule lab testing appointments at the time and location that work best for them! All you need is a lab order prescription from your doctor and access to the Xpedilab app. Once your blood draw is complete, your designated laboratory (Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp) bills your insurance for all lab tests performed.

Does insurance cover Xpedilab?

Xpedilab charges a service fee for our on-demand blood drawing service that is not covered by insurance. Once your labs are drawn, Xpedilab will deliver them to your designated laboratory. Your health insurance generally covers the cost of analyzing your blood samples. It is recommended before ordering services from Xpedilab that you verify insurance coverage of your lab work with your healthcare provider.

Is Xpedilab a laboratory?

Xpedilab is a convenient, on-demand service to draw your doctor ordered lab sample at your home or workplace and take it to your designated diagnostic laboratory. We do not provide testing services as a part of our application at this time.

Is Xpedilab HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Xpedilab follows all HIPAA technology and compliance standards.

What do I do if something goes wrong?

In the rare case that something goes wrong, please contact Xpedilab immediately at

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us and we will promptly answer any questions that you may have.