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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Xpedilab do?

Xpedilab enables patients to schedule lab testing appointments at the time and location that work best for them! All you need is a lab order prescription from your doctor and access to the Xpedilab app. Once your blood draw is complete, your designated laboratory (Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp) bills your insurance for all lab tests performed.

Does insurance cover Xpedilab?

Xpedilab charges a service fee for our on-demand blood drawing service that is not covered by insurance. Once your labs are drawn, Xpedilab will deliver them to your designated laboratory. Your health insurance generally covers the cost of analyzing your blood samples. It is recommended before ordering services from Xpedilab that you verify insurance coverage of your lab work with your healthcare provider.

Is Xpedilab a laboratory?

Xpedilab is a convenient, on-demand service to draw your doctor ordered lab sample at your home or workplace and take it to your designated diagnostic laboratory. We do not provide testing services as a part of our application at this time.

Is Xpedilab HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Xpedilab follows all HIPAA technology and compliance standards.

What do I do if something goes wrong?

In the rare case that something goes wrong, please contact Xpedilab immediately at

What forms of payment do you accept?

Xpedilab can accept all major credit cards.

Can I schedule same day appointments?

Same day appointments are not permitted through the Xpedilab app. All appointments requested must be at least 48 hours in advance from the time you input the lab service request.

Does Xpedilab provide pediatric draws for children?

Yes, with parental consent. There must be always a parent or guardian present with the child, and Xpedilab must receive a lab request order from the child’s pediatrician. Our phlebotomy providers may have specific pediatric age requirements that will limit their ability to perform drawing services. Please contact us at if you are unsure about whether your child meets the requirements for mobile blood-drawing services.

Can you come to my office or place of work?

Yes! With the Xpedilab app, you can schedule your lab draws wherever works best for you.

Do you offer corporate or group bookings?

Yes, please contact us directly for our Xpedilab Special Services Program at

Can I schedule a weekend appointment?

Yes, depending on the availability of our mobile phlebotomy partners.

Is fasting required?

Frequently yes. It depends on the specific test requirements and the recommendations of your doctor. Please confirm with your doctor prior to ordering your sample collection through Xpedilab.

How do you keep my information confidential?

Xpedilab follows all HIPAA compliance standards. We do not sell or share any of your data.

I am having an issue booking

Please contact Xpedilab at

What do I do if I do not have a lab order?

For blood and urine draws, Xpedilab requires a doctor ordered lab request form to be submitted with your lab samples to your designated diagnostic laboratory. You do not need a lab order for Covid-19 testing, but other fees may apply.

How do I get my lab results?

You obtain your lab results by either registering and logging into your designated diagnostic laboratory’s patient portal or receiving them directly from your doctor.

Quest Diagnostics:

What kind of Covid-19 protections do your providers adhere to?

All our lab technician providers are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and adhere to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment without a fee if the change is made more than 24 hours until your scheduled appointment time. If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours until appointment time you will be charged the full appointment fee.

In order to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please email with the details of your request. You can also cancel your appointment by using the Xpedilab App on Android or iOS devices.

What does Xpedilab pay for a standard blood draw?

Xpedilab charges users $79 dollars for their at home sample collection. Of this fee, Xpedilab takes $16 and forwards the remaining $63 to our mobile phlebotomy partner.

How do I sign up to do mobile phlebotomy on the platform?

To sign up, submit a contact us form and one of our customer service representatives will assist in onboarding you on to the platform.

Do I need to be a part of a company?

Yes, you must be a part of a mobile phlebotomy company to join the platform. However, there are no restrictions on the minimum number of employees within that company that are needed to join.

What if I am the only employee at my mobile phlebotomy company?

There are no issues if you are the sole employee of your company. As long as you work under an established legal company, you can onboard onto the Xpedilab platform.

Do I need to bring my own patients onto the platform?

Though we recommend having your patients get their samples collected through the platform, it is not necessary for you to service your existing patients through Xpedilab. 

Does Xpedilab assist with any expense associated with performing the sample collections?

Xpedilab does not assist with any of the costs associated with providing the at-home sample collection.

How do I get paid through the Xpedilab Mobile Phlebotomy Application?

Once the sample collection has been completed and closed on in the application, you will receive a deposit for the services rendered and closed on a daily basis.

Does Xpedilab facilitate other services, such as IV therapy or holistic medicine?

We do not currently provide any other at-home services through our application, but may bring on additional services to the platform as needed based on market demand.

Does Xpedilab perform sample collection for specialty labs?

Yes, we can perform sample collections for certain specialty labs (cancer screening, genetic screening, etc.). Prices on these collections vary based on the sample being collected.

What is Xpedilab?

Xpedilab is a mobile phlebotomy platform that connects patients with licensed mobile phlebotomists, allowing them to have their blood samples collected at a time and location of the patient’s choosing.

Is there a cost to the medical provider?

No. It is completely free to partner with Xpedilab. We directly charge the patient a service fee for their on-demand blood sample collection.

Is Xpedilab available in my geographic area?

Xpedilab is currently available in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. We anticipate expansion to additional service areas soon. You can check if service is available in your area by visiting our website or contacting Xpedilab customer support.

How can our healthcare practice or office benefit from using Xpedilab?

Using Xpedilab can improve patient convenience, compliance, and satisfaction by offering at-home blood sample collection services. We also reduce the burden placed on office staff by performing phlebotomy services that would otherwise be completed in-house.

Are the phlebotomists who work with Xpedilab licensed and certified?

Yes, all phlebotomists working with Xpedilab are licensed and certified healthcare professionals who meet industry standards for blood collection and safety.

How do patients schedule an appointment for blood collection through Xpedilab?

The scheduling of appointments can be completed by patients through the Xpedilab app, or by a medical professional using the collection request form on our website.

What safety measures are in place to protect patient information and samples during transportation?

Xpedilab follows strict protocols to ensure the confidentiality and safety of patient information and samples collected during transportation. These measures include secure packaging, tracking, and compliance with healthcare data privacy regulations (HIPAA).

What types of diagnostic tests can be performed using Xpedilab's services?

Xpedilab offers sample collection for a wide range of diagnostic tests, including but not limited to: blood tests, urine tests, and specialty cancer/genetic screening tests.

How does billing and insurance work with Xpedilab?

Xpedilab charges a service fee for our on-demand blood drawing service that is not covered by insurance. Once your patient’s labs are drawn, Xpedilab will deliver them to the designated laboratory. Health insurance generally covers the cost of analyzing your patient’s blood samples. It is recommended before ordering services from Xpedilab that your medical office verify your patient’s insurance coverage so that the lab samples will be delivered to the correct diagnostic laboratory.

How can our practice or office integrate Xpedilab into our existing healthcare workflow?

Xpedilab can be integrated into your medical practice by offering it as an additional service to your patients. You can provide information about the service, help patients schedule blood draw appointments, and receive test results directly from Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp, all of which leads to improved patient care.

Do I need to sign any contractual or legal agreements to partner with Xpedilab+?

Xpedilab does not require any specific legal agreements with our medical partners. We just ask that you review and use our lab sample collection service to best serve your patients’ needs.

Are same day appointments permitted through the Xpedilab app?

All appointments requested must be at least 48 hours (about 2 days) in advance from the time you input the lab service request.

Can Xpedilab accommodate patients with unique medical conditions or requirements, such as pediatric patients or those with mobility issues?

Yes. Our phlebotomists are highly trained and are able to service patients with the most severe medical conditions. We also provide service to pediatric patients.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us and we will promptly answer any questions that you may have.