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XpediLab brings diagnostics to you

We ensure patients can access healthcare by collecting diagnostic tests at home

Our Mission

At Xpedilab, we bridge the gap between healthcare and convenience by connecting patients to highly skilled phlebotomists for seamless, on-demand sample collection.

“No more trips to the lab, Period.”

Our Mission

Our Values

Our Values


At Xpedilab, we strive to provide the highest level of service to our patients and partners. Our company is only as strong as the experience we provide, so it is our goal to always ensure everyone has the best experience possible when having their lab samples collected.


When patient health is on the line, there can be no room for error or delay. Therefore, it is our goal to always be on time in the right location, so the only things our patients and medical providers need to worry about is making sure they are doing everything they need to to ensure the best medical outcomes.


Xpedilab was created to expand healthcare access to everyone, no matter how busy or complicated their lives may be. Our application is built with this in mind, and it is always our goal to make everything we do have the patient experience be the most important part of our service.

Meet our Founder

Meet our Founder

As a practicing Internal Medicine physician, I have seen firsthand the challenges patients face with long waits and the need to travel to diagnostic laboratories to have their lab tests performed.  For this reason, Xpedilab was created to use technology to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients.  We aim to improve patient experiences, enhance health outcomes, and save patients’ valuable time.  We simplify healthcare by offering on-demand phlebotomy services where we bring the lab to your doorstep.  Our heartfelt aspiration is to spare patients the need for any more visits to a diagnostic laboratory, period.

Our Team

Our Team


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